I have lived on several continents in my life. As a child, my family decamped from Los Angeles to Beirut where I took my first oil painting class.
An early influence was my father, an architect, whose sculptural designs were influenced by the modern art of the 1940’s and 50’s. He was always sketching fantastic buildings on small little cocktail napkins, disposable extemporaneous sketches, the pen bleeding back into the napkin. These sketches held fascination for me as a free associative process of art.

I am embedded in my art. History both personal and formal is a given in my work.
I acknowledge the scattered things I make as fragments that are connected together by the things that connect them. I am interested in families of works in dialogue. The stretching of relationships together, the displacement within space and nature are themes that interest me.  I am interested in the bleed from various water media, blurry watercolour marks, transparencies and overlays, lines, brush strokes, the process of preparation, secondary and tertiary colors, destroying and resurrecting and ambiguous shapes.
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