Painting is a seemingly magical process of transformation. When I am in my studio my thinking comes from a different place than my thinking otherwise.  The inherent discipline to making art and the thought inside that process is learned from inside the process itself. I come to my source image circuitously from an intrinsic knowledge developed through lived experiences.

When I was 8 my family decamped from California to Beirut, Lebanon. It was the beginning of an early nomadic life. My father, an architect, had a form-driven ethos, which I absorbed through osmosis. He was always sketching fantastic buildings on small little cocktail napkins, disposable extemporaneous sketches,  the pen bleeding black into the napkin.  
This early exposure to history, architecture and different cultural landscapes all held great fascination for me and continues to influence how I paint.

I had some wonderful painting professors in Hamburg at the FSBK where I graduated in 1978.  I moved to Nairobi for several years where I was part of a collective of painters. After I landed in Dallas, I  spent many years immersed in all aspects of residential construction.  In 2013, I completed my MFA from SMU. My studio is in Lake Highlands, Dallas, Texas.
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